Focus on Faculty: Claire Schneider, ECPI University Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Focus on Faculty: Claire Schneider, ECPI University Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Name: Claire Schneider      

Title/Campus: Physical Therapist Assistant Program faculty member/Newport News campus

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College (1984) and transitional clinical Doctorate degree from Arcadia University (2012)

Joined ECPI University: September 2006

What did you do prior to ECPI University? I have been a practicing physical therapist for the past 32 years. I have worked in many settings and continue to work part time as a physical therapist in order to maintain my credibility as a clinician with the students. My most recent job was working as a clinic manager for an outpatient orthopedic clinic. I currently work acute care rehabilitation for Sentara as a flexi staff member one weekend per month.

Most Rewarding Professional Experience: I enjoy being out in the field of physical therapy and seeing past graduates working and contributing to the practice of physical therapy. Nothing beats seeing their success and knowing you had a part in that. I also love getting texts from my students the week after they take the National Physical Therapy Exam to let me know first that they passed. I am thrilled and excited for them. That’s when I know I have made a difference in someone’s life.

Most Rewarding Personal Experience: When my daughter graduated from undergraduate school and was getting ready to go to graduate school at Central European University, we spent a few weeks traveling to France, Germany, Austria and Hungary. We visited many beautiful churches, enjoyed wonderful meals, and made great friends.

Greatest Accomplishment: I don’t think I can really call this an accomplishment, but I am most proud of my daughter, Sarah. She struggled with medical issues growing up and then struggled to complete her education. She is now working in her field of study and doing very well. I am proud to see all she has accomplished.

Favorite Book:  I love to read everything from science fiction to trashy romance and suspense thrillers.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When you watch a TV show or movie and the actor is portraying someone with a disability incorrectly. Hugh Laurie of House fame is the worst. He uses the cane on the wrong side. I can tell you that real patients have questioned my recommendation of what side the cane goes on because “House” doesn’t do it that way. Drives me bananas and my students know that I do write letters!

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends and family, walking my dog, reading, and kayaking.

Favorite Food: I love anything that can be eaten with friends and a glass of wine.

My Most Treasured Possession: My mom passed away last year and I have her engagement ring, her mother’s ring and my dad’s mother’s ring. I feel like I am holding the family legacy in my hand.

A Talent I Wish I Had: I wish I could understand and speak every language. I speak French, but I still struggle to communicate in that language. We have friends from Hungary that speak wonderful English, and German as well as a bit of French and Italian. I would love to be able to speak and talk to anyone about anything.

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