ECPI University Faculty Interview: Meet Francis Bania

ECPI University Faculty Interview: Meet Francis Bania

Focus on ECPI University Faculty

Name: Francis Bania

Title/Department/Campus: Business Administration Program Director/Richmond-Innsbrook Campus

Education: BSBA: Accounting; MBA-Finance; Additional Graduate Accounting Courses

Joined ECPI University: January 3, 2003

What did you do prior to ECPI University? Financial Analyst, Nuclear Division – ABB Combustion Engineering, Inc.; Financial Analyst – Kaman Aerospace International, Inc.

Most Rewarding Professional Experience: Seeing several of my former students return as instructors at ECPI University

Most Rewarding Personal Experience: Leaving the corporate environment to teach

Greatest Accomplishment: Writing the original online accounting courses; establishing the accounting concentration at Innsbrook

Favorite Book: “Jack: Straight From the Gut” (Jack Welch)

Biggest Pet Peeve: Students not getting their work in on time

Hobbies: Astronomy and gardening

Favorite Food: Turkey with all the trimmings

My Most Treasured Possession: My good health

A Talent I Wish I Had: Play baseball like I did when I was young

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