Fireside Gatherings Ignite Fun and Competition at ECPI University

Fireside Gatherings Ignite Fun and Competition at ECPI University

As the ECPI University Rams Hearthstone team gears up for its third Fireside Gathering, the excitement is evident. Hearthstone, a strategy card game based off the lore of World of Warcraft, is a popular game in the Blizzard franchise. The past gatherings, hosted at the ECPI University Virginia Beach campus, featured Hearthstone-inspired complimentary appetizers and a bonus dinner special in the Refresh Cafe prepared by Culinary Institute of Virginia students, as well as game-themed prizes like the Hearthstone Cookbook and a Blizzard gift card, plus all the Tavern Brawls and Hearthstone matches one could want.

Fireside Gatherings captured the imaginations of Rams Hearthstone Team Captain Jonathan “kingkahn90” King, right from the beginning. A few months into Rams practice, he brought up the idea for ECPI University to host a gathering of their own, bringing together players and members of community to vie for prizes and connect over one of his favorite games.

From beginners to legend, all players are welcome at these events. For newer players, it can be a valuable learning experience and a chance to watch more experienced players use combos and let their strategies unfold on the field. For more advanced players, there’s a chance to teach others, play against those with equal skill, and take on higher ranking competitors to experience how they play.

Fellow Hearthstone Rams teammates Steve “HAYNSTE714” Sawyer, Nate “Glamdring” Seib, Whitney “Starcrossed” Stewart, Bradley “TheWaffleLover” Harris, and Jonathon “JohnAAPC” Dufresne look forward to hosting the next monthly event and meeting more members of the gaming community in the Hampton Roads, Virginia region.

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