Hands On Learning Benefits all Students at ECPI University

Hands On Learning Benefits all Students at ECPI University

Examples of Hands-On Education Taking Place at ECPI University

Richmond/Emerywood CampusMedical Assisting students were able to apply what they’ve learned by providing healthcare screenings at a recent health fair for one of ECPI University’s Employment Partnership Program companies, Teleperformance. This gave them a real-world setting to build their confidence in working with the general public, and enhance their professional communications.
“I was very impressed by your students,” says Karen Kinebrew of Teleperformance. “Vanessa, who attended to me, was very professional. She seemed relaxed, confident, and friendly.” As for the students, they found the experience extremely valuable. “It really helped me to get out of my comfort zone and interact with people I had never met before,” says Medical Assisting student Alexandra Lindner. “Being put on the spot to perform blood pressures has helped me realize I know more than I thought I did. This experience has also helped me realize that this is really what I want to do for a career.”
Richmond/Innsbrook Campus – When one of the high-fidelity medical mannequins at the Richmond/Emerywood healthcare campus started to malfunction, campus leaders decided that rather than sending it off for repairs, they would drive it few miles away to the Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) department at the Richmond/Innsbrook campus.
“I quickly jumped onto the idea,” says EET faculty member Dr. Negar Ghochaghi. “This was a big opportunity for our students. Not only would they learn about the science behind this medical grade simulator, but they would also work on a real-world problem.”
After examining and troubleshooting the mannequin, students created replacement parts using a 3D printer and made some custom modifications. After it was returned to the classroom, representatives from the mannequin’s manufacturer, Gaumard, had a chance to inspect the students’ work. “They were very much impressed,” says Medical Assisting Program Director Kerry Barnard. “In fact, the rep told me that they would like to learn more about how the instructors and students repaired it, and that this could lead to future joint projects with Gaumard.”
Featured are EET students Ben Davidson and Daniel White.
Richmond/Moorefield CampusMedical Assisting student Janet Pritchett-Wilson sharpens her skills at the campus’ most recent “Stick Party.” Massage faculty member Angela Staylor volunteers as the “patient.”

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