Hands-On Learning with ECPI University Students

Charleston Campus – Nursing and Medical Assisting students in Human Anatomy and Physiology had the opportunity to study a human brain provided by faculty member Maribel Vazquez Silva who arranged for it through her position at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Newport News Campus – Electronics Engineering students presented senior projects, auto-typing bots that can enter data on a keyboard.
Team 1: Thomas Perkins, Brennan Blakeslee, Matthew Mueller
Team 2: Hugo Perez, Taylor Smith, Britney White
Online/Virginia Beach Campus – As part of the on-campus residency portion of their studies, Family Nurse Practitioner students practice skills such as suturing, punch biopsies, vaginal and prostate exams, and simulated and virtual training at Eastern Virginia Medical School.
Richmond/Emerywood Campus – The Medical Assisting program hosted a Wellness Wednesday where other students, staff, family members, and friends were all welcomed to visit for a health screening. Students utilized their skills by taking vital signs, performing glucose checks, and practicing soft skills in communicating with “patients.”

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