EPP Graduate Spotlight: Mael Habre, Cyber and Information Security Student

Employer: Anthem 

Motivation to Earn Degree:

At first, I did not have the motivation. I did not like school, to begin with, so when I saw that I could earn a bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years, I jumped on it. Also, my dad convinced me to go because of ECPI University’s track record. Over time, I really enjoyed ECPI and everything it has taught me. I am very grateful to all the faculty and staff that have impacted my education.

Career Objective:

The cybersecurity industry is full of opportunities. My overall objective is to land a government job. For a very long time, I always wanted to work for the government no matter what career path I chose.

Why ECPI University?

The hands-on learning is what sealed it for me because I am a tactile learner, so having those kind of labs was amazing. Also, 2.5 years for a bachelors is something that you cannot overlook. To this day, it feels weird to say that I have a bachelor’s degree because it feels like I started my first class yesterday. One other benefit of attending ECPI is that the career services department is always reaching out to make sure I am enjoying my time at my current job.

Advice for Prospective Students:

My advice is to stay focused. Easy to say, but difficult to accomplish. There will be times when it is going to be hard, and that’s what life is all about. Do you have the will to push through to see the rewards at the end of the tunnel? 

Editor’s Note:

Mael’s mother works for Anthem, an employer that participates in ECPI University’s Enterprise Partnership Program (EPP). The EPP was designed to assist employers in providing employee growth opportunities through hands-on, skills-based education. This program extends scholarships to eligible employees and their immediate family (spouse and children), which lowers the cost of education. 

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