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Laci R. Garner

Title/Department/Campus: Adjunct Faculty/Medical Assisting/Charlotte

Education: A.A.S. Culinary Arts (2005), A.A.S. Medical Assisting, ECPI University (2007), Healthcare Administration, ECPI University (2016) , MBA- Business Management, ECPI University (2019)

Joined ECPI University:  March 2020

What did you do prior to ECPI University?

In addition to my teaching duties, I currently work for Atrium Health in a clinical process improvement role.

Having earned 3 degrees from ECPI, you are clearly sold on the University – please tell us why?

After completing my first degree at a local community college, I learned I was not a traditional student. I needed a lot hands-on experience to go along with the fundamental concepts being taught. A few years later, I decided to pursue a career in healthcare. After I researched several different universities, I found that ECPI was the best fit me. It offered an accelerated program, along with the skills labs and classes that fit my schedule. Over the years, as I wanted to grow within the healthcare field, I knew it would require additional education. For me, it was a simple decision to return to ECPI University. I knew I would learn the concepts I needed to be successful. ECPI University provided the foundation needed in order for me to succeed in my career.

Most Rewarding Professional Experience:

While there are countless experiences, becoming an instructor in the same program I graduated from has been the most rewarding. I was inspired by so many of ECPI’s instructors along my educational journey. Having those experiences is what lead me to teach. I want to pass along inspiration to my students as well.

Most Rewarding Personal Experience:

My time spent providing patient care in the hospital during the COVID surge. Many patients could not see their families due to hospital restrictions. As a caregiver, you become their family to a certain extent. So, my interactions became more purposeful.

Greatest Accomplishment: Completing my master’s degree

Favorite Book:  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Biggest Pet Peeve: Passive-aggressive people

Hobbies: Reading, watching Kung Fu movies, and spending time with my family.

Favorite Food: Ice cream

My Most Treasured Possession: While she is not a possession, my daughter is what I treasure the most.

A Talent I Wish I Had:  I wish I could knit.

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