Meet the ECPI Nursing & Healthcare Alums Returning to Teach the Next Generation

Name: Katie Watson, RMA

Title: Adjunct Medical Assisting Instructor

My ECPI History: 

“My journey at ECPI University started in 2015 when I enrolled in the Medical Assisting Program and received my Registered Medical Assisting Certification along with my Associate of Applied Science Degree. The opportunities that I received after graduation were amazing. I soon decided that I wanted to further my education for my Bachelor’s Degree and returned to ECPI University for the second time and enrolled in the Healthcare Administration Program. Since graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in 2020, I have had so many achievements, but one of my greatest achievements was being hired as a faculty member by ECPI University. Had it not been for the hands-on training, detailed curriculum, and the engaged instructors, I probably would have not graduated. ECPI University gave me the confidence I needed to complete two degrees that have now given me a position to give back the knowledge and skills that were once given to me by this great institution. Now I am in the process of considering going for my Master’s Degree and of course, it will be ECPI University where I will attend. I can truly say that ECPI University was the best decision I ever made. “

Name: Lori Barnhart, BSN, RN, CMGT-BC, CM

Title: Adjunct Faculty

My ECPI History: 

“I graduated from the ECPI University RN program in 2010 and went on to obtain my Bachelor’s in Nursing in 2015. Since graduating from ECPI, I have worked as a PACU Nurse, as an Oncology Nurse Manager, as a Medicare Case Manager, and most recently as a Pediatric Case Manager. I began working for ECPI University teaching in the LPN program in November 2017.

Having been a night student at ECPI and returning as an instructor I feel like I can relate to my students’ experience, not just going to nursing school but trying to juggle the commitments of life during the day – jobs, kids, etc., then trying to be a full-time student at night.  Nursing school is demanding and the courses I teach and my classes are certainly no exception but I have a personal appreciation of what it is like from a student perspective and I feel it helps in how I run my classroom.”

Name: Adriele Malone, BSN, RN

Title: RN Clinical Instructor

My ECPI History: 

“I graduated Summa Cum Laude from ECPI-MCI’s accelerated ADN-RN program with the December 2015 cohort. My interest was in cardiac and I immediately gained a position as an advanced heart failure and heart transplant nurse. Before long I became a preceptor as well as a unit ambassador to new nurses and discovered that I also have a passion for teaching. Therefore, when asked by a former ECPI University instructor if I would consider coming back to my alma mater to teach, the answer came easily. I connect with my students and understand their struggles as adult learners with jobs and families. I constantly strive for innovative ways to help students connect the dots and apply theory to clinical practice and love to watch them grow as they gain confidence. There is a saying that ‘if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life,’ and that is just how I feel as an ADN instructor. ECPI has shaped my life in more ways than one and I am so enjoying paying it forward!”

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