A Doggone Good Idea

Virginia Beach Mechatronics Student Designs Safety Mechanism to Protect Furry Friends

Lily Scott is the kind of person who sees a problem and wants to fix it. For that reason and more, she was ideally suited to study Mechatronics. “I have always been interested in how different technologies work and love learning how to build and fix stuff since I was little,” she says. “When I first heard the word ‘mechatronics,’ it sounded like a very hands-on, technological career path. So, I looked it up and read about it and instantly knew what I wanted to go to school for.”

After enrolling at the Virginia Beach campus, Lily looked for a part-time job to help pay the bills and found a position at a nearby doggie daycare. “Since I started working there, I fell in love with the job and, of course, all the dogs,” she says. “Every day, I get to play with dogs and take care of them during their stay.”

Recently, one of the dogs ran into a latching mechanism that had a protruding metal surface that punctured the pup and left it bleeding. Lily noticed these mechanisms were everywhere in the facility, so she decided to take action and do something about it. She sought guidance from her program director, Mr. Vedat Aksoy, to develop a solution. 

Lily quickly designed a safety mechanism using Inventor CAD software to create a simple cover for the dangerous surfaces. “I am proud of Lily for taking steps to solve a problem that caused a dog such a nasty injury,” says Mr. Aksoy. “She saw a problem, utilized her skills and resources, and decided to take action in order to help the dogs at the place where she works. I am sure her employer appreciates her initiative to help the dogs and recognizes her dedication to her job.”

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