RAMS Report

By Mike Glover, ECPI University Athletic Director

As the RAMS enter the fall mid-season stretch, our record is starting to reflect the hard work the players have been putting in. As I write this article, the RAMS sit comfortably with a 10-8 record (a 55.56% win rate) and a good shot at the fall playoffs for each game (League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Rocket League). All of this has happened during a “rebuilding” year where we had almost 50 percent of our 2020 team members graduate, hired a new head coach, and are still working in a remote COVID competition scene. Both Coach James and I are very proud of the progress our RAM teams have made. This truly is a rebuilding year in many ways, and the players are coping very well with new teammates, a lower overall skill base, and a new coach. However, with progress like this already, we are starting to get very excited about the 2022 spring season! 

Collegiate Esports Scene Update

For those that do not know already, NACE (the National Association of Collegiate Esports) has partnered with CSL (Collegiate Star League) to form the largest collegiate esports organization in the space. In doing so, NACE schools (of which ECPI University is included), has had competition opportunities opened up for lower-skilled teams in the OPEN and Challenger Divisions. This is really good news for us, as we needed that this year during a rebuilding season. However, with the progress made so far, it looks like the Varsity Division could be strong going into the spring!

Stay tuned and be sure to be on the lookout for weekly email updates during the season on who we play next, the prior week’s match results, and where you can watch the RAMS play every match!

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