The Product of Perseverance

College graduation marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another. While many graduates look back and reflect on their educational experience, this year’s graduates are looking at a very different picture than those from previous years. Most of the 2021 class spent a majority of their time at ECPI University pursuing their education in the midst of a global pandemic.

Before COVID, one of the distinguishing characteristics of ECPI University graduates has always been their perseverance. Many are going back to school after many years away from the classroom. They often work full-time jobs and have families to care for, making their ability to manage so many competing demands quite impressive. Adding COVID to this equation most certainly forced these historically resilient students to push themselves to a much greater extent.

In this edition of eConnect, ECPI University celebrates these exceptional individuals who, with the help of highly-dedicated faculty and staff, were able to adapt to less than ideal learning conditions and earn their degrees.

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